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It’s 7:39pm, on a weeknight. Jake doesn’t normally work this late at the office, but as you’ve heard the cliche saying, desperate times call for desperate measures. Jake is a junior business analyst at a local Phoenix private investment firm. The whole team is working late as a deadline to close a deal is early next morning. 

The economy has been in a slump, the opportunities have been sparse, and the competition has been hungry. Fortunately this deal is with a Japanese supplier who is expanding their market into Arizona through a Joint Venture that the firm who Jake works for is brokering. It’s not every day opportunities like these fall before us. Everyone in the office on Jake’s team knows that now is not the time to rest on their laurels. Now is the time to cross every T and dot every i. 

Jake and his time are professionals. They respect the work that’s required and have been diligent in putting this deal together for the last month. The atmosphere is stressful, but there’s a quiet confidence amongst them that this deal is in the bag. A lay up, if you will. 

The following morning everyone pools into the office early. The client is on route by airplane and is expecting to land in just over an hour. The plan is to have them picked up, driven to their hotel, where the team has a boardroom booked. Over breakfast they will pitch the end of the deal, the Japanese team will complete their due diligence, everyone will smile and shake hands, then the deals will be signed. Once again, this is textbook deal making.

“There’s a problem”, expressed Janice, the business admin, with a little fear in her voice. The office went quiet and everyone looked to her, waiting for her to say more. 

Jake asked, “what’s the deal?” 

“The limo company left a message overnight. Their vehicle broke down alongside the highway last night. They won’t be in service this morning.”

“Seriously?” Jake scoffed, being annoyed. 

With under an hour to spare, the team needed to solve the driver issue, otherwise their VIP client would be stranded at the airport, leading to embarrassment and possible failure. Who would have thought that a limo breaking down would be the straw that broke the camel’s back?

Underslept and caught off guard the room went silent. The team was ready to present spreadsheets, projections, handle objections, and that’s it. Real life problem solving had been put aside momentarily. A leader needed to step up. 

He stood straight up, looked up to the room and inhaled deeply. Being the Junior, he’s not accustomed to speaking up so freely. But Jake’s intuition overtook his doubt. Courage flowed from his heart in only a few short sentences.

“Everyone get on their phones. Google ‘limo company in Phoenix’, and make a call. Claim the company you’re calling so no one double calls. You’re asking if they have any available openings for immediate pickup at the Airport.” 

The room immediately filled with frantic chatter. Random company names called out “Dibs!”. Many of the companies were already booked. Stress turned to panic for some.

“Good morning, thank you for calling Sonoran Chauffeur, this is Kevin speaking,” in a deep velvet voice. “How can I help you today?” 

“I’m really hoping you can, that you have an available opening right now to pick our client up from the airport.” expressed Jake. “It’s an emergency.”

“I’m already on the west side. I could be there in about 20 minutes. The car was detailed just this morning and I’ve only driven one man to the Golf course and he wasn’t messy. Would that work for you?”

“Kevin, you have no idea.”

Sonoran Chauffeur arrived at the airport early, and Kevin was able to meet and greet the clients from the correct terminal. Everyone arrived at the hotel on time. The deal was made with the Japanese and Jake’s firm. Jake’s boss took note of his leadership ability and offered him a promotion shortly after the deal was signed.

The story has a romantic, almost too good to be true ending to it. The reality is that this is how simple it is. All the planning in the world cannot prevent Life’s unpredictable curve balls. Limo companies are busy, and the companies who run their vehicles too often, servicing day and night run the risk of untimely breakdowns. The gap in the marketplace is filled by the entrepreneurs who prioritize consistency, availability, and longevity. Take Sonoran Chauffeur, for example. They prioritize executive clients, they avoid the party crowd, and utilizes a fleet so that they can always be ready for service. If you’re considering hiring a limo service and value the qualities mentioned above, then you should definitely consider Sonoran Chauffeur.